And so it begins…

The evolution is underway. Are we able to synchronise our obsessions? This website is being prepared to provide worldwide collaboration for all Aspie’s. We will fix the world!
UniteWe are responsible for ALL of mankind’s greatest inventions. We can add to our crown, most of mankind’s greatest discoveries and sociological imagination. Of course, we also create most of the world’s greatest music too! Without us mankind would’ve most likely not have survived! As a vital component of the pack that is the human race, it would be nice if you learnt about, and understood us. As part of the collaboration that will be happening here, we will work on education materials to aid your learning!

Please Note: Non Asperger people need not apply as we talk the truth so harshly it really offends incompetent so called neurotypicals! We have no interest in wasting time being polite about it (politics,) there is too much to do!  You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs, we cannot save you from your greed without seriously offending you! If you are offended by this, learn!… To add due to most registrations coming from laming spammers! Please backup your registration by emailing me, any Aspie will easily find out how to. Forum spammers aint’ gettin’ in!